What is EngineX Lubricants?

At EngineX lubricants we are determined to provide the best formulated lubricants for ATF gear, marine and heavy duty applications, passenger cars and Hydraulics.

These lubricants are easily handled with automatic filling machines, which also do the cleaning of lubricant tank. While the lubricant is mostly provided with the filling machine it increases the efficiency and performances of the machines or vehicles.

What are the advantages of EngineX lubricants over other Lubricants?

EngineX lubricants are supplied with an automatic filling machine. While filling the lubricants with the machine it will also clean the parts/engines which will improve the machine efficiency and performance. This will lead to higher life of the parts which includes gears, engines and other mechanical moving components.

Easy to handle, the filling machine eases the process of filling the oil and it will help to do this activity with very less effort and anybody can perform this activity effortlessly.

What are the benefits of becoming EngineX distributor / filling station?

While becoming an EngineX distributor you can enjoy the business opportunities that our comprehensive range of products and filling machine provides and delivers high quality products. Also you can gain access to:

  • •    Innovative and comprehensive product ranges and services and support.
  • •    Specific offers that provide value to you and your customers.
  • •    Filling machine which will enhance your ability, easiness and time management for filling the lubricants.

How can I get EngineX franchise and how much it will cost?

EngineX provides three different sizes of filling machines along with the lubricants. You can email to to get more details about the cost and other details.

Who can approach EngineX for franchise?

Car wash stations, service stations, garages,other existing lubricant suppliers and budding entrepreneurs can approach us to discuss about EngineX products. Those who are looking to reduce the effort of oil change, to ease the process of oil change.

What are the terms of franchise agreement?

The agreement can be made according to the size of the filling machine. Also, according to the further orders and requirements. The agreements will be simple and very transparent for both parties. For further information email us at

What EngineX expect from the distributors?
  • •    We expect to commit to serve customers in line with best service levels.
  • •    Dedicated area to keep our machine, post oil change with proper advertising.

Own a EngineX oil change center?

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